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Publié : 23 novembre 2010
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Introduction :
Greenland is the biggest island of the world !!!
Its capital is Nuuk, its population is compused of Greenladers and Danish .They are mmore than 50 000 inhabitants !!!

Some figures :
There are 56 648 inhabitants on this island of 2 166 086 km² (0.03 inhabitants/km²) and the highest mountain is 2 345 m !

History :
History of Greenland is above the history of people who adapted their lifestyles to very cold temperatures .
It has been dicovered by Vikings in 982 .
The Inuit who now live in Greenland have been living there since the 13th century. In the 18th century Danemark and Norway established their rights on this territory. Greenland became independent in 1979 .

Geography :
Geography of Greenland is composed of a large band of land surrounded by ice-floe in winter except on the south-west coast .

Fauna and flora :
Fauna in Greenland :polar bears, seals, foxes, small animmals and fishes ...
Flora is rare in Greenland because the ground is frozen !

Conclusion :
Greenland seems to be inhospitable for people not accustomed to the hard living conditions of this land .

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