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  • "Pronotes" - 23 November 2010

    We will introduce you to the software "Pronote" Pronote is a software for pupils and parents . It is used to check the pupils’s homework and absences. Parents can see their children’s results (...)
  • Castle of Longueville sur Scie - 16 November 2010

    In this article we are going to speak about the castle of Longueville sur Scie which is near Jean Malaurie Junior High School. It’s a feudal castle built in the 11th or the 12th century . It (...)
  • The D.P.3 (Professional Discovery in 3 hours a week) - 7 November 2010

    "D.P.3" is an option to help the pupils to discover the professional world. "D.P.3" .What is "D.P.3" ? => "D.P.3" or Professional Discovery in 3 hours a (...)
  • Timetable - 7 November 2010

    The pupils’s timetable. In the morning, classes begin at 8 o’clock or at 9 o’clock. They last one or two hours. There is a break at 10 o’clock. Then new classes begin. The pupils eat at 11:30 (...)
  • The organic vegetable garden - 26 October 2010

    In this article, we’ll present creation of the organic vegetable garden, in Jean Malaurie Junior High School in Longueville-Sur-Scie. Last year, 8th grade students planted an organic vegetable (...)