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  • Achromatic day - 28 January 2011

    We’re going to talk about our achromatic day. On the achromatic day we eat and dress in two colors. This year, it’ll be black and white. We’ll probably eat black and white (...)
  • Travelling in Rouen - 26 January 2011

    On December 11th, 2010, the FSE (a school association) organised a non-compulsory journey for the pupils of 4° and 3°. We went by bus to Rouen to see the concert of the BB Brunes. The concert began (...)
  • A new music club - 19 January 2011

    New : A music club was created in our school from 8 to 9 am In our school, a music club was created. It takes place every friday. The group is composed of to singers, guitarists, a flutist.... (...)
  • Nouvelle traduction : The book of the month - 16 January 2011

    Hercule Poirot the belgian detective, lives in England and he wants to retire. Interested in mythology, he decides to solve twelve mysteries dealing with the labours of Hercules before retiring. (...)
  • The sale of greetings cards. - 15 January 2011

    All the pupils of our school created one or several artistic greetings cards to collect money for a trip to Canada. Some pupils in 4e will go and sell those cards in Dieppe on saturday, January (...)
  • Nouvelle traduction :Trip to Guédelon - 12 January 2011

    Last year, we went to Guédelon. We visited a mine of limestone in Aubigny and we made a small souvenir in stone. We slept in a youth hostel. The following day we visited the castle of (...)
  • Last year projects - 12 January 2011

    We will talk about the projects we did last year in 5 ° Last year, there were a lot of projects: cooking sustainable development blazon medieval castle A cooking project: Every week we (...)
  • Skiing trip. - 30 November 2010

    Every year, the pupils of 5° go on a winter trip to Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves. The pupils leave early in the morning by bus, they arrive in the evening in a chalet and are given rooms. The following (...)
  • The igloo - 24 November 2010

    The igloo was built for the inauguration of Jean Malaurie Junior High School. The igloo was built for the inauguration of Jean Malaurie Junior High School. Its building lasted about one day and (...)
  • Latin - 24 November 2010

    Latin is optional. The pupils can choose to study latin from 5e (7th grade). It’s helpful to improve their French vocabulary and to discover the origin of words. Go ahead, choose latin ! 90% of (...)